As those of you who came here from youtube probably already know, I really like airplanes.

I am an Airline Transport Pilot currently flying for a large regional carrier out of LAX. Additionally, I am a certified flight instructor with instrument and multi-engine privileges and have ferried countless aircraft across town and completely cross-country.

Flight Instructing

So, you want to learn how to fly? Do you want me to teach you? Can I teach you?

The answer to all of these questions is, maybe.

I live in Santa Monica California, and really only teach around here. But, if you do live close, and are serious about wanting to fly, or if you are a private pilot and want to earn an instrument or commercial certificate, then we should talk.

Send me an email or give me a call, and we can talk about availability, costs, etc. Head on over to the contact page if you want to get in touch.

Aircraft Ferrying

Cessna TTx Toronto
Landing a Cessna TTx at Toronto City Aiport

Do you need an airplane moved? I can probably help. I have ferried numerous aircraft across the country and across borders, from Cessna 172s to TTx’s and SR22T’s

Feel free to contact me with the type of aircraft, pickup and dropoff location, and the timeline for a detailed ferry quote. Click here to see an example of how this would look.