Are you trying to sell something online, or do you own an online media property? Do you have a youtube channel that’s been a little stagnant? Are you wondering why the search engines have not picked up any of your content? Good news, I can help.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life consulting for large and small media and online retail companies on business strategy, revenue growth, and simply getting their ideas off the ground.

From one of the fastest growing online news organizations in the US to niche online retail. I can help you and your team create a realistic plan and set up the processes to execute and accomplish your goals.

Online Media

Online media organizations have an innumerable number of moving parts, at times it’s nearly impossible for a manager/leader within the company to really understand what everyone is doing and how they operate. In this case, an outside observer may be the best bet to look at all the moving parts and realign them so that they are all moving in sync.

We can help you optimize your video strategy and YouTube presence, to making sure that people will actually find your site by optimising your SEO strategy


With over 10 years of experience, I can help you to refine your youtube strategy both on the content side growth/revenue side. Most people are amazed when they see how many things your youtube strategy might be missing. From how you address your audience, to the steps you take to capture them as subscribers we have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines and strategies to improve your YouTube presence regardless of whether you are a large media brand or a niche YouTuber.


Ok, so you have a media company, a retail property, or you share some great content on youtube. Now how do you make money off that?

We can help you analyze all your revenue streams and optimize existing sources while telling you where you might be missing some opportunities.

Online Retail

While you may have had plenty of success in brick and mortar sales, online selling is a completely different animal. From picking how to fulfil your orders, to which selling platform to use, and or which market places to register for the choices are nearly infinite, and many times counterintuitive and or seemingly complex.

By analyzing what you are trying to sell, and where your audience and customer base may be, we can tailor and execute a plan to help you reach that audience in the most efficient manner possible.


Of course, all of the above sections would mean nothing if your audience and customers cannot find your content and products. This would be like putting a billboard in the middle of a cornfield in Nebraska instead of on the side of the highway near the tollbooths heading into NYC. The difference here is that there is no price difference between these two locations in the online world. You can achieve the prime placement by following a few simple rules to incite search engines.

Like what you see?

As with all the other sections above, there is a set of rules to improve, and we can help you identify what pieces of the puzzle you are missing, and what you need to do to move ahead.

Simply send an email or give us a call we can talk about your needs and how I can help

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